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Leadership Development

Tony Dunn Ministries focuses on developing Pastors and Church leaders around the world by increasing their leadership capacity and their ability to effectively nurture and equip their congregations for the work of the ministry.

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Equipping for Purpose

This church leadership course is designed for tier one and tier two ministry leaders. The emphasis of this nine-week course is to increase the Believer’s understanding of Biblical leadership, to deepen the understanding and appreciation of the gift of administration, and to address basic Christian doctrine in order to bring about unity among church leadership. Great emphasis is placed on the emotional health, cognitive awareness, a spiritual maturity of the leadership team. 

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Created for Purpose

This course is designed for members of church congregations to develop a clear and accurate understanding of their new identity as citizens of the Kingdom of God. Course participants will gain keen insight into God’s expectation of their lifestyles, an understanding of the various parts of the Body of Christ and how they function, and the power of healthy, noncompetitive collaboration among the saints of God.

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Destined to Lead

This course is designed for individuals currently serving in a leadership capacity within their local church. The course will address the need for leaders to become intentional in God’s spiritual maturation process and to also increase in their emotional intelligence. Additional topics covered include conflict resolution among leaders, persevering through adversity, understanding where God is working in your life, and learning to fully participate in God’s divine plan of leadership preparation.

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Lead Like David

This course is a survey of how God equips us to fulfill His purpose through a close examination of the life of King David. The course addresses the need for Believers to become intentional in participating with God in His spiritual maturation process, and for them to become keenly aware of their inner commitments and personal values that are contrary to purpose fulfillment. The course is intended to help Believers increase their capacity to receive and maintain spiritual principles that strengthen their ability to lead themselves and others.

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Destined for Purpose


 The purpose of this program is to help facilitate significant growth and development in the lives of God’s people. Specifically, this four-module intensive offers various assessments, workshops and classroom activities that will:

  • Help identify and facilitate overcoming limiting belief systems in order to fulfilling the plan and purpose of God for your life

  • Help reveal repeating self-defeating tendencies that create stagnation 

  • Significantly increase self-awareness, emotional management, and understanding of personality preferences

  • Increase performance in the workplace, in personal businesses, and in ministry

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