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Bishop Tony Dunn

Bishop Tony Dunn and his wife Jacqueline have been married for over 38 years and are the parents of three adult sons, two beautiful daughters-in-law and two amazing grandchildren.

His ministry emphasis is purpose discovery and fulfillment, and also leadership and personal development. He routinely conducts leadership development workshops in North America, Central America, South America, Europe, Asia, and various countries on the African continent.

Bishop Tony formally served as the mission’s pastor for Zoe Christian Fellowship in Whittier, California, under the leadership of Bishop Ed Smith.

The Dunn’s launched New Day Christian Fellowship in Corona, California in 2009, and the church currently supports 11 missionaries all around the globe. They also provide spiritual oversight of 51 churches and ministries in North America, South America, Asia, and Africa (The New Day Global Network).

Bishop Tony is a former faculty member of Cottonwood Leadership College in California, currently serves as vice president of the Zoe Association International and is an executive board member of three non-profit organizations. He is a certified marriage counselor, holds a bachelor’s degree in Business from the University of Phoenix, a Masters of Practical Theology from The King’s University in Dallas, Texas, and a certificate of leadership from the University of Southern California.


Bishop Tony is currently pursuing a doctorate in Relational Leadership.

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